Web resources

Additional resources

  • Building Resilience-LA: A Primer for Facilities—A project of the US Green Building Council-Los Angeles (USGBC-LA) (October, 2016). View/download
  • Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Emergency Preparedness GuideNEW. Excellent and comprehensive preparedness guide. Includes all LAFD station locations. View/download
  • Resilient Los Angeles—A comprehensive strategically coordinated approach to urban resilience (March, 2018). View/download
  • Topanga Disaster Survival Guide—Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness. View/download

Neighborhood Council Preparedness Plans

Along with Resilient LA, the Mayor has tasked each Neighborhood Council (NC) to prepare an emergency and disaster response plan for their area. Below are links to those that have met the challenge.

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